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2013 Scientific Report

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VARI | 2013 Research Interests • To investigate the genetic and molecular basis of disease arising from defects in the cell infrastructure, which comprises the microtubule and microfilament cytoskeletons. • To gain a full understanding of how cells spatially and temporally organize the signaling networks that are required for cell growth control and differentiation. We place a basic research focus on the intersection of Rho and Wnt signaling to the nucleus and on the cytoskeletal remodeling apparatus. We place a translational focus on targeted therapies that reinforce and/or repair the cell infrastructure. Our disease focus is the blood cancers that arise from cells of the bone marrow. We use genetic models of these diseases to test ideas generated by our molecular studies. These models will inform the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools for treating these cancers. Recent Publications Touré, Fatouma, Günter Fritz, Qing Li, Vivek Rai, Gurdip Daffu, Yu Shan Zou, Rosa Rosario, Ravichandran Ramasamy, Arthur S. Alberts, Shi Fang Yan, et al. 2012. Formin mDia1 mediates vascular remodeling via integration of oxidative and signal transduction pathways. Circulation Research 110(10): 1279–1293. Alberts, Art, and Michael Way. 2011. Actin motility: formin a SCAry tail. Current Biology 21(1): R27–R30. He, Yuanzheng, Yong Xu, Chenghai Zhang, Xiang Gao, Karl J. Dykema, Katie R. Martin, Jiyuan Ke, Eric A. Hudson, Sok Kean Khoo, James H. Resau, et al. 2011. Identification of a lysosomal pathway that modulates glucocorticoid signaling and the inflammatory response. Science Signaling 4(180): ra44. Thomas, S.G., S.D.J. Calaminus, L.M. Machesky, A.S. Alberts, and S.P. Watson. 2011. G-protein coupled and ITAM receptor regulation of the formin FHOD1 through Rho kinase in platelets. Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis 9(8): 1648–1651. 7

William H. Baer II, M.D., Pharm.D. VARI-ClinXus, LLC Dr. Baer joined ClinXus in 2009 as Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer. When ClinXus became VARI-ClinXus LLC in January 2011, Dr. Baer was appointed as an Associate Professor within VARI. Dr. Baer received his pharmacy degree from Duquesne University, the Pharm.D. from the West Virginia University, and his M.D. from West Virginia University School of Medicine. He practices internal medicine at Grand Valley Medical Specialists. His areas of interest and research development include pharmacogenetics, disease prevention and wellness, obesity, and nutrition. From left: Baer, Eckhardt, Rogers Staff Elizabeth Eckhardt, B.S. Lisa Moore, M.S. Daniel Rogers, B.S., CCRC Heidi Smith-Green, RN, B.S.N., B.S.W. Emily Vander Molen, B.A., CHRC, CIP 8

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