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2013 Scientific Report

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Improving pancreatic

Improving pancreatic cancer markers. These plots show two sets of results from a test of new markers to aid in the accurate diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. The current best marker (data set M1) is the total amount of a glycan called CA 19-9. We are testing a combination panel of the CA 19-9 assay with two additional markers (data sets M2 and M3) of CA 19-9 bound to specific proteins. Each column represents a patient sample, and a yellow square indicates a higher level of a marker than normal. If any of the panel markers are elevated in a given sample, the sample is classified as cancer, indicated by a yellow square in the bottom (classification) row. The three-marker panel has more true positives (TP) and fewer false negatives (FN) than the CA 19-9 assay alone, while maintaining low false-positive (FP) and high true-negative (TN) results. Plots provided by the Haab laboratory.

H. Eric Xu, Ph.D. Laboratory of Structural Sciences Dr. Xu went to Duke University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, where he earned his Ph.D. in molecular biology and biochemistry. Following a postdoctoral fellowship with Carl Pabo at MIT, he moved to GlaxoWellcome in 1996 as a research investigator of nuclear receptor drug discovery. Dr. Xu joined VARI in July 2002 and was promoted to Professor in March 2007. Dr. Xu is also the Primary Investigator and Distinguished Director of the VARI/SIMM Research Center in Shanghai, China. From left: Zhi, Gao, Ke, Cheng, Sridharamurthy, Lili Wang, Weber, Xu, Kang, He, Pal, Li, Liren Wang, Hou, deWaal Staff Xiang Gao, Ph.D. Yuanzheng (Ajian) He, Ph.D. Yanyong Kang, Ph.D. Jiyuan Ke, Ph.D. Kuntal Pal, Ph.D. Kelly Powell, B.S. Stephanie Weber, B.S. Xiaoyong Zhi, Ph.D. Students Hao Cheng, B.S. Parker deWaal Li Hou, M.S. Xiaodan Li, B.S. Madhuri Sridharamurthy, B.S. Lili Wang, B.S. Liren Wang, B.S. Zhongshan Wu, B.S. 70

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