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2013 Scientific Report

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VARI | 2013 Han-Mo Koo Memorial Award Dr. Han-Mo Koo joined the Van Andel Research Institute in 1999 as one of its founding investigators. Heading the Laboratory of Cancer Pharmacogenetics, Dr. Koo established important projects focused on identifying genetic targets for anti-cancer drugs against melanoma and pancreatic cancer, and he worked tirelessly to contribute to the Institute’s mission to improve health and enhance lives. In May 2004, Dr. Koo passed away following a six-month battle with cancer. To honor his memory and scientific contributions, the Han-Mo Koo Memorial Award and Lecture was established in 2010. Awardees are selected based upon their scientific achievements and their contributions to human health and research that align with the scientific legacy of Han-Mo Koo. Award Recipient Phillip A. Sharp, Ph.D. Dr. Phillip Sharp delivering the inaugural Han-Mo Koo Memorial Lecture. 75

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