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2013 Scientific Report

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VARI | 2013 Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program The Grand Rapids Area Pre-College Engineering Program (GRAPCEP) is administered by Davenport University and is sponsored and funded by VAEI. The program is designed to provide selected high school students, who have plans to major in science or genetic engineering in college, with the opportunity to work in a research laboratory. In addition to research methods, the students also learn workplace success skills such as teamwork and leadership. The four 2012 GRAPCEP students from Creston High School were Jamilah Fields (Hostetter/Jewell) Jasmine Jones (Weinreich) Chantice LaGrone (Alberts) Yasmeen Robinson (Chang) From left: LaGrone, Robinson, Jones, Fields 79

Van Andel Research Institute | Scientific Report Summer Student Internship Program The VARI student internships were established to provide college students with an opportunity to work with professional researchers in their fields of interst, to use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, and to learn valuable interpersonal and communications skills. At the completion of the 10-week program, the students summarize their projects in an oral presentation or poster. From January through August 2012, the Van Andel Institure hosted more than 49 students from over 16 colleges and universities in formal summer internships under the Frederik and Lena Meijer Student Internship Program and in other student positions during the year. An asterisk (*) indicates a Meijer student intern. Standing, from left: Dieffenbach, Langerak, Sayfie, Grit, Dykstra, Dills, Edewaard, Shorkey, deWaal, Uhl, Varlan, Reimink, Muhoro, Hanchon, M. Smith, Searose-Xu, Subramanian, Orey, Rybski. Kneeling, from left: McMasters, Parker, Vanderlinde, Bergsma, Goyings, Westra, Waslawski, Hotaling, Quinn. 80

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