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2014 Fall Highlights of Hope

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2014 Fall Highlights of

FALL 2014 VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE’S HIGHLIGHTS of HOPE Thanks to Great Lakes Scrip Center employees’ creative fundraising ideas, more than ,000 was raised for VAI! Corporate Partner Employees Make Big Contributions to Research WHEN BUSINESSES PARTNER WITH PURPLE COMMUNITY, THEY’RE MOTIVATED BY A PERSONAL CONNECTION TO CANCER AND NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASE AND A DESIRE TO CHANGE THE COURSE OF HUMAN HEALTH. TOGETHER WITH THEIR EMPLOYEES, THEY SET BIG GOALS TO CONTRIBUTE TO VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE’S RESEARCH INITIATIVES. Thank you Regal Investment Advisors for your support of Van Andel Institute! Above left to right, David Van Andel, John and Deb Kailunas, Carol Van Andel, Valeda and Love Collins. These partnerships take on many different forms, and Regal Investment Advisors and Great Lakes Scrip Center have both created unique Purple Community events that yielded big results. Thank You Regal Investment Advisors Regal Investment Advisors (Regal) kicked off a long-term partnership to support Van Andel Institute (VAI) by turning an annual event for their advisors into an educational fundraiser. Regal hosted more than 225 employees, clients and VAI supporters at a rooftop venue to enjoy a Chicago Cubs baseball game in July 2014. The event raised ,000 for disease research! “It is a simple fact that everyone, at one time in their life, is touched by a genetic health issue,” said John Kailunas, II, Regal Investment Advisors founder and CEO. “We all have admiration for the researchers who help carry the burdens of that fight.” Regal is developing new ways to engage its investment advisors with the mission of VAI and educating office visitors about Purple Community. They’re currently creating a plan to encourage all advisors to get involved in the partnership. “We believe that everyone should do their part to fight for a cause,” said Kailunas. “It’s our goal that this partnership will help those dealing with a genetic disorder or disease.” Great Lakes Scrip Center Team Members Rise to the Challenge Employees at Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) recently completed a year-long fundraising competition to benefit VAI. Employees kicked off their challenge with a tour and presentation at VAI by a scientist. Over the course of the year, teams raised funds by holding a company-wide garage sale, returning pop cans, collecting spare change, selling snack boxes, serving at Culver’s and Buffalo Wild Wings fundraising nights and selling carwash coupons. Their efforts totaled more than ,000 at the end of the year! “We were inspired by the work being done at VAI, and we’ve spent the last year raising funds to support their research and education programs,” said Carol Smith, owner of GLSC. “Nearly everyone is affected by cancer or disease in some way, and we want to do our part.” Endless Opportunities Engage your employees and customers around a worthy cause by partnering with VAI through Purple Community. Contact the Purple Community team at or 616.234.5388 to learn more.

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