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2021 Annual Report

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This is the 2021 Annual Report for Van Andel Institute.

A Conversation About

A Conversation About Pancreatic Cancer Hosted By Carol Van Andel Despite incredible advances in cancer detection and treatment, pancreatic cancer continues to pose a particular challenge to physicians and patients because it often lacks obvious early symptoms. By the time the disease is found, it is typically quite advanced, complicating treatment and leading to poorer patient outcomes. But thanks to new breakthroughs, there is hope. In November, guests at A Conversation About Pancreatic Cancer — Hosted by Carol Van Andel learned about the latest advances in pancreatic cancer research, with a focus on promising opportunities for early detection. Speakers included pancreatic cancer experts Dr. Brian Haab, a VAI professor whose lab is at the forefront of new diagnostic efforts, and Dr. J. Bradley Morrow, director of endoscopy at Mercy Health St. Mary’s. For the past five years, Drs. Haab and Morrow have collaborated on developing new diagnostics for pancreatic cancer. Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, The Howard Miller Company. (STARTING AT THE TOP LEFT, GOING CLOCKWISE) CAROL VAN ANDEL; GUESTS HEAR FROM MARANDA; DR. J. BRADLEY MORROW; DR. J. BRADLEY MORROW & MARANDA 42

Gaming for Hope EVENTS In 2021, VAI hosted our inaugural Gaming for Hope, a fully online, 24-hour gaming marathon that blended a passion for online gaming and streaming with raising funds to support the Institute’s work. Streamers of all ages and experience levels played numerous games over the course of the day, including single-player FIFA 21, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Featured streamers joined in on the action, and giveaways and prizes were up for grabs for those who fundraised for the Institute. Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, Element Four. (STARTING AT THE TOP LEFT, GOING CLOCKWISE) MIKE “POROSAURUS” NAVARRO; MAE LEXI ZURITA; COLIN GRAHAM (RIGHT) WITH DAVENPORT ESPORTS INTERN 43

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