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2022 Spring/Summer Highlights of Hope

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This is the 2022 Spring/Summer edition of Van Andel Institute's Highlights of Hope donor publication.

RESEARCH Newest cohort

RESEARCH Newest cohort illustrates growth at Graduate School Van Andel Institute Graduate School trains the biomedical research leaders of tomorrow, a focus that dovetails with the Institute’s overarching mission to transform human health for generations to come. We move ourselves — and the world — closer to lasting breakthroughs by welcoming a diversity of experiences, cultures and thoughts. Richard Cassidy Kansas City, Kansas Svetlana Djirackor Nairobi, Kenya In Fall 2021, the Graduate School’s largest and most diverse cohort arrived — 14 students representing eight countries. The new cohort bolsters VAI’s growing reputation as a global destination for doctoral students. This array of students and perspectives helps us to better understand the full scope of health threats facing humanity. Every new cohort that arrives at VAI strengthens our organization and gives new shape to our mission; indeed, for the last few years, each successive cohort has grown larger and more diverse. Sofia Ievleva Voronezh, Russia Yanqing Liu Shandong Province, China The 2021 cohort includes students from The Bahamas, China, India, Iran, Kenya, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S. Although their paths were different, they arrived here united in one goal: to become the leaders who take us into the bright future where diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s are met with life-changing treatment and care. Kate Thurlow London, United Kingdom Xiao Wang Yunnan Province, China 10 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE

James Eapen Cochin, India Abigail Godec Denver, Colorado Thomas Goralski Livonia, Michigan Paige Matusiak LaGrange Highlands, Illinois Shantinique Miller Nassau, The Bahamas Christina Straham Flint, Michigan Riley Wedan Savage, Minnesota Mehrshid Faraji Zonooz Tehran, Iran VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE | 11

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