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25th Anniversary Highlights of Hope

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This is the 25th anniversary edition of Highlights of Hope, published in Fall 2021.


Board of Governors VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE | 25 YEARS Members of VAI’s Board of Governors serve as the ambassadors who share our mission, vision and important work with others to help gain further support to advance the Institute’s efforts and support the Institute financially. A Board of Governors Dinner has been held annually to keep members up to date with research and educational advancements underway at VAI and connected with those spearheading our efforts at the Institute. (CLOCKWISE, STARTING AT TOP) CAROL VAN ANDEL, 2019; DAVID VAN ANDEL, 2017; DAVID VAN ANDEL, 1998; BOARD OF GOVERNORS LUNCH GUESTS, 1998; DR. PETER A. JONES, 2019; BOARD OF GOVERNORS DINNER GUESTS, 2018; INAUGURAL BOARD OF GOVERNORS MEETING, 1998 24 2002 – 2021

JBoard Ambassadors VAI’s JBoard Ambassadors are a group of vibrant young professionals in West Michigan who seek to stay current with and support our work at the Institute. Members are invited to health-science forums, luncheons and mixers throughout the year, where they can hear about the latest research and educational innovations at VAI straight from those who are making it happen. (CLOCKWISE, STARTING AT TOP) GRILL TO-GO AT JBOARD MEMBER MIXER, 2011; JBOARD MEMBER MIXER, 2011; UNIQUE SPREAD FROM GRILL TO-GO, 2011; SUMMER MEMBER MIXER HELD AT HOUSE OF RACHEL & MIKE MRAZ, 2021; JBOARD MEMBERS TOURING PHASE II CONSTRUCTION, 2009; CAROL VAN ANDEL, 2011 VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE | 25 YEARS 2009 – 2021 25

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