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2004 Scientific Report

Van Andel Institute

Van Andel Institute Administrative Organization The organizational units listed below provide administrative support to both the Van Andel Research Institute and the Van Andel Education Institute. Executive R. Jack Frick, Chief Financial Officer Casey Wondergem, Special Liasion to the Chairman Ann Schoen Communications and Development Patrick Kelly, Vice President, Development John Van Fossen, Director of External Affairs Dianna Davidson Tina Newhouse Margo Pratt Information Technology Bryon Campbell, Ph.D., Chief Information Officer David Drolett, Manager Michael Roe, Manager Kathleen Cerasoli Michael Foster Kenneth Hoekman Kimberlee Jeffries Russell Vander Mey Candy Wilkerson Human Resources Linda Zarzecki, Director Margie Hoving Pamela Murray Angela Plutschouw Grants and Contracts Carolyn W. Witt, Director Sara O’Neal Rob Junge Purchasing Richard Disbrow, Manager David Clark Chris Kutchinski Amy Poplaski Facilities Samuel Pinto, Facilities Manager Jason Dawes Richard Sal Richard Ulrich Security Kevin Denhof, Chief Sabrina Antio Sandra Folino Emily Young Glass Washing/ Media Preparation Heather Frazee Troy Lawson Nick Miltgen Contract Support Valeria Long, Librarian (Grand Valley State University) Jim Kidder, Safety Manager (Michigan State University) Terry Bruning Raymond Rupp Patty Sund Finance Timothy Myers, Controller Stacie Bohr Richard Herrick Keri Jackson Angela Lawrence Kevin Tefelsky Jamie VanPortfleet 92


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