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2005 Scientific Report

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As we plan and begin our

As we plan and begin our expansion, we are part of the unprecedented growth in the health industry that Grand Rapids is experiencing. The area of Grand Rapids in which the Institute is situated has been appropriately renamed “Medical Hill.” Our neighbor across Bostwick Avenue, Spectrum Health, has celebrated the opening of the new Fred and Lena Meijer Heart Center. Furthermore, the hospital will soon break ground for the construction of a new cancer center as well as a new pediatric hospital. In another project, our own Rick Hay serves as the chairman of a combined VARI and Grand Valley State University group that is planning a good manufacturing practices (GMP) facility. This facility is being established with state and federal funding, and it will produce small quantities of clinical-grade biological products that can be tested in patients. Finally, there is the strong possibility of Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine relocating to Grand Rapids, which would certainly be a major event in the development of the biomedical community here. Overall, with the new hospital facilities at Spectrum Health and St. Mary’s, Grand Valley State University’s strength in health sciences, and our own research program and future expansion, we will witness in the next decade exciting and dramatic developments in biomedical research, scientific discovery, and health care delivery taking place in Grand Rapids. We look forward to these many exciting changes and to the formation of a center of excellence in biomedical disciplines in western Michigan. 5

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