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2006 Scientific Report

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Van Andel Research

Van Andel Research Institute | Scientific Report 32 Photo taken by Mathew Edick.

VARI | 2006 Colocalization of cytochrome C and mitochondria in primary prostate epithelial cells. 33 Primary prostate epithelial cells were starved of growth factors for 48 hours and then plated on glass coverslips in growth factor–free medium. Cells were incubated with MitoTracker (red) for 24 hours to stain the mitochondria, fixed in paraformaldehyde, and then incubated with anti-cytochrome C–specific antibody. Cells were then incubated with Alexa Fluor 488 conjugated secondary antibody (green) to visualize cytochrome C and DAPI (blue) to visualize the nucleus. Colocalization of cytochrome C and mitochondria is shown in yellow. Cells were viewed by fluorescence microscopy.

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