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2007 Annual Report

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Friends of the Institute

Friends of the Institute (continued) Tammy Born Born Preventive Health Care Clinic, PC Vern and Norma Boss Pamela J. Bouma Michael and Beth Bouma Melissa L. Bourke Mary Bouwkamp Eileen Brader William and Barbara Bradley James H. and Sheral Bradley Jacqueline Bradley Esther Brandt Richard Breukink Sallie and David Brinks Broadway Grand Rapids Jaime Brookmeyer James C. and Ellen J. Bruinsma Roger and Connie Brummel Edward and Sarah Buck Mark Bugge Bullseye Group Robert Burch Janelle Burden Sue A. Burns Yvonne M. Burns Thomas and Stacey Buschert William H. and Jackie Bylenga Bruce and Jan Bylsma Robert L. and Shirley Ann Bytwerk Douglas C. Camelo Bryon L. and Kandy Campbell Don and Lois Capel Stephen F. and Michelle Card Benjamin and Cortney Carlson Nancy L. Carlson Edward and Maureen Carlson Gregory Cavey Linda Chamberlain Ron and Joann Champion Jack and Donna Chase Kevin and Kelly Chopp Thomas and Nancy Church Mike and Kim Clarke Arthur A. Clements David J. Closs Christopher Coats Commerce Realty and Management Company Consolidated Electrical Contractors Contemporary Glassworks Marty and Barbara Coon Dwayne Coryell James and Cynthia Cotter Bruce Courtade Howard T. Courtnay Charles and Laura Cox Allen Crater Michael J. Crawford The Creelman Agency Russell and Alice M. Cronberg William and Janice Currie Brenna Cusack Charlie and Linda Cusack Bruce Custer Jim and Judy Czanko Ronald and Cindi J. Czarnecki Joseph D’Ali Chico and Vanessa Daniels John D. and Rene Darling Arnold D. and Ilene D. Dashoff Jennifer M. Daugherty Amy and Curtis Davis Jason and Cindy Dawes Daybreak Studios Jeff and Jill Dean John and Jane Dean Michael J. DeBoe Vance C. and Barbara J. DeCamp Don and Doris DeGood Thomas A. and Robin D. Demeester Robert DeVilbiss Nancy C. and Ken Devon Lora DeVries Gary and Joyce DeWitt Digital Video Services Robert Doane Michael B. and Renae D. Donahey Elizabeth A. Donley Stephen and Michelle Doyle Richard M. and Cheri L. Dressler Brandt D. and Sharon M. Driscoll Thomas B. and Mary Duthler Dwelling Place of Grand Rapids, Inc. Michael and Mary Dykema Chester Dykema Dave and Pat Edwards Vernon J. and Johanna Ehlers Kathryn M. Eisenmann Elders’ Helpers John F. and Teresa A. Elliott Mark and Jennifer Ellis Michael S. and Lynette Ellis Sharry A. Fearon-Beatty R.K. and Char Fecho Carole Feigley Edwin and Linda Feulner Paul and Charlene Fitzpatrick Mike Flynn Maureen E. Foley John and Mylinda Folkert Suzette Foll William L. and Mary Ford Forest View Psychiatric Hospital John and Jodie Formolo Betty Jane Forray Carl and Anne Forslund Albert and Laurie Forte Ken Fowler Lynn and Alice V. Francis Randall and Amy Freeburg Florence Freeman Dave & Karen Custer Custer Workplace Interiors “There are many good causes to give to, and it is impossible to support all of them in a meaningful way. Thus, we focus our giving on Healthcare and Education. Van Andel Institute fits perfectly into both areas. This is very appealing to us.” Eleanora H. Frey Linda Frey Lisa Freybler Charles T. and Carol A. Fridsma Sarah Friedman Julia B. Fry Joseph and Susan Gavan General Glass Corp Chad M. Genton Jared E. and Linda J. Gieske Lynn and Zell Gill Craig Glupker Philip W. and Jane Goodspeed Goodwin Procter Elaine Goralski Shelly D. Gordon Jim Gordon Sandra Gores Terri G. Gorton Grand Action Grand Rapids Area Chamber Of Commerce Grand Valley Health Corporations James O. and Mary E. Grant Sharon Greider Chester H. Griffis Mary M. Grigware Colleen Grimes Edythe R. Grinage Patti Griswold Christine Gutierrez Elizabeth Haak Pete Haak David and Gloria Haebich Betsy Haller Julia Hamming Jon Hanson Kimela Hardy Richard J. and Lillian Havenga Ruth Haverkamp Tim Hawkins and Ilsy Murillo Health Unlimited Bary Hearon Ted and Amy Heilman Henry A. Fox Sales Co. Thomas G. and Maureen Herman Robert and Barbara Herr Bruce Heys Builders, Inc. Mark Hiesterman Randy Hillard Larry J. and Candace A. Hillis Ken Hinton and Nancy Devon Dennis and Jeni Hoekstra Michelle M. Hoexum Hoffman Jewelers Ronald and Heidi Hofman Laura A. and Matt Holman Cynthia Holmes Eric J. Hoogstra John and Mary Hoogstra Dan and Amy Horning Robert E. and Beatrice Horton Donald R. and Ruby W. House Margie and Timothy Hoving Larry L. and Ginger Howe Joanne Hunefeld William and Susan E. Hunt Lourie Hurley David and Joyce Ignasiak Ron Igrisan Jose A. and Sue Infante Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish James and Sandra Jackoboice Thomas J. and Barbara A. Jackoboice Holly Jacoby Roland Jager Don and Lois Jandernoa Melissa M. Janes Helen K. Jansen Jarob Design Angela R. Jason JB2 Enterprises Linda C. Jennings Michelle Jespersen Maryanna Johnson Eric E. Jones JP Morgan Private Bank Kevin Kaifer Robert F. Kaiser Dafna and Greg Kaufman David Kaufman Alex Kayzerman David Keenan Kelly Scientific Research John and Carri Kendall Mark Kennedy Kent Beverage Company Inc. Judith L. Kessel Robert P. and Katherine H. Kimball Donald M. and Monica M. Kimball Adam King David R. and Melissa Klein Norman and Valerie L. Knapp Deborah Kober Katherine Koehler Julie Koenig Linda L. Koert Joseph W. and Mildred Konrath Jerry and Maribeth Kooiman Michael Koppinger James D. Kozal Van Andel Institute

To make changes to how your name(s), or your company’s name, is listed in future publications, please call 616-234-5681. Diane Kozal Bernadine Kozal Dennis and Joanne Kozarek Richard Kraklau John and Arnette Kraus David and Jane Krombeen Rebecca Krueger Frederick R. and Sharon L. Kruithof Karen Kuiper Christian T. Kutschinski Greg and Susan Lambert Jeannine Lanning Kari A. LaPlaunt Betty J. Laroux Joseph Lattanze Kaye LaVee Swanson Lorraine Lavigne Kellie A. Leali Sid Lee Lee Special Systems John and Mary Leese Amy LeFebre Larry Leigh Leigh’s Edward Lewis Robert C. and Frances V. Lewis Joby and Amanda Lewis Scott and Nancy Liversedge Benjamin and Denice Logan John H. and Susan Logie Laura and Dennis Lohr Allan C. and Barbara J. Lowe Ric and Lisa Loyd Irving J. Lundell Heather T. Ly Jeff and Shannon MacKeigan Richard and Mary MacKeigan Kevin R. and Jill Mahoney Donald W. and Kathleen Maine Luma Makhay Dolores Malec Nicholas Malec Gloria Mance Robin and Yvonne Mancuso James and Elizabeth Mandarino George Manus Marina Shores Association Jack W. and Delores Marks John and Nancy K. Markward Joseph Marogil Cynthia L. Martin Henry and Connie Mast Sally Matecun John W. and Sharon Matthews Andrea McAlhany Joe and Darla McAlister Mike McCoy Jennifer and Justin McGrail Gary and Linda McInerney McInerney Law Offices PC Ward J. and Shirley McKenney Mary Jane McWilliams Gary and Marlene Mescher R. George Mickel Mika, Meyers, Beckett & Jones, PLC Julie Milanowski Howard D. and Loraine Miller Steve and Julie Miller Bud and Jane Miller Cynthia and William Miranti Joe and Tracey Moch Dan Modzeleski David J. and Cathy Monsma Brian and Susan Mooney Bill Morgan Kirk Morgan David W. and Diana Morgenstern Jeff and Denise Morton William and Bernadette Motiska Louise Mueller Brent and Melisa Mulder Gordon Mullholland and Kathleen Seglund Fabienne Munch Timothy and Denise Myers David E. Nadziejka Scott and Linda A. Nash Claude and Gay M. Nauta Chris and Molly Nawrocki Edwin J. and Dolores Nawrocki Gretchen Neering Jeffrey Neiman Charles and Suzanne Neureuther Kristan A. Newhouse David, Kristen, Grayson, Beck, and Alec Norris Thomas W. and Jane A. Norton Richard and Kathleen A. Noskey Bob Novy Nurture by Steelcase NuSoft Solutions, Inc. Sandra S. and Jack Oato Chris O’Brien Ruth O’Keefe Steven Olson Michael, Kristina, and Aidan O’Meara Mr. and Mrs. Jay O’Neal Dustin P. and Kim Ordway James and Carolyn Oswald Linda Otis Irene Ott Ron Ott Danielle Ouendag Philip and Denise J. Overway John Pace Jeffrey and Peggy Padnos Frank Padron Panera Bread George Pantlind Les and Barb Parker Steve and Molly Parker William L. and Barbara Parker Passaro & Kahne Law Office, PLLC Steve and Ruth Pate Donald and Patricia Patterson Ronald and Mary Patzer Caroline Patzer Robert and Karen S. Pearson Gerald and Donna Pechtel Louis J. and Cornelia R. Pepoy Nancy Peters Stephen Peterson Thomas W. and Christine M. Pfennig Timothy J. and Pamela Pietryga Lisa G. and Gustavo Pilon Bonnie Pinder Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services Samuel J. and Cheryl Pinto Michelle Plumer Lynn L. Plummer Angie and Brad Plutschouw Rick and Sue Polhill James and Kathleen Ponitz Joseph G. Popiel Amy Poplaski Wendy Popma David and Amy Poquette Brian and Jennifer Post Rodney and Amy Prahl Mary Ann Prisichenko Promega Corporation Tony and Dianne Pung Matt and Susan Quada David Quigley Quimby Walstrom Christopher Rabideau Angela Rambo Robert H. and Andrea Rander Tom Ranville Michael Rapier Carol G. and Steven Rappley Mary K. Redman David Reed Gordon J. and Jeanine Reeder Regent Broadcasting Robert and Donna Renkema Sue Anne Renken The Right Place, Inc. Ed Rodenhouse Brian and Sandra Roelof Thad Roelofs Ronald R. and Joyce A. Rogers Louis and Mary Romence David L. and Jessica Ross Anne Rossi Kirk and Lynn Rottschafer Veronica Rozelle Carl R. and Shawn M. Ruetz Jeffrey S. and Pamela B. Rush William, Kathryn, Lauren and Kate Ryan Denise Ryskamp Jack and Dorothy Ryskamp Fredric E. Ryskamp James R. Saalfeld Gerald Sajewski Richard C. Salzwedel Susan Samrick San Chez Bistro Elizabeth Sarafis A. Charles and Caroline L. Schaap Marsha Schmuker Ann L. Schoen Bill Schoonveld Jeff and Susan Schreur Matt Schulte Clarence Schumaker Darryl and Dawn Schumaker Stephanie A. Scott Sebastian Foundation Secchia Institute for Culinary Education Jaime Sekerke Christine Serne Dan and Susan Serne Jeanne C. Serne Michael S. Serne James A. and Eleanor L. Serne Mike and Joann Serne Patrick A. and June H. Serne David B. Shane A. Michael and Terri L. Shapiro Jerry and Kathy Shear John and Mary Sheets Robin Shelley Jerry and Shirley Sherman A. Clare and Karen Silva Nancy Skinner Larry L. and Marika Slenk Shane and Meredith Smedley Jonathan L. and Betsy Smith Louis G. and Terry K. Smith Smith Barney, Inc. Sara Smolenski Margaret M. Sowerby Spartan Graphics David and Linda Spencer Richard and Lisa Spotts Tina Sprich William A. and Sandy Stevenson Keith N. and Sheryl S. Stewart Stifel, Nicolaus & Company, Inc. Chris Stimson Robert and Brenda Stineman Marlene Stoops Jerome P. and Judith H. Subar Drew Sutton Thomas C. and Susan Swaney Pamela J. Swiatek Sandy Swiatek Zachary Talen Dick and Shirley Tedford Kathryn Teesdale Bin and Jane Teh Richard D. and Julie K. Terhaar Jodi Termolen Daniel Terpsma Nicole M. Tessari Brad E. and Elizabeth Thomas John and Lydia Tobian William D. Tolbert Jose Toro Bruce and Angela Towne Rick Treur John and Cheryl Tully Peter M. Turner T.W. Hager Lumber Co. Urban Mill Janice Uzarski Michael Van Genechten Jim and Kris Van Heule Earl and Pat Van Opstall Dave and Beth Van Portfliet Gary and Debra Van Solkema Clare and Joan Van Wieren Jeffrey J. and Nancy Van Winkle Cynthia Vande Woude Arie and Jane Vandermale VAI Donor Recognition 43

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