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2007 Annual Report

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Friends of the Institute

Friends of the Institute (continued) Russell L. VanderMey Donald L. and Janell VanDine Erin VanEpps Lynn Vanpelt Mike and Bev Vantieghrem Varnum Consulting Carl and Sandra VerBeek Bill Vierregger Jennifer Vogel Theodore and Vicki Vogt Raymond and Mary Lou Vreeland Wachovia Securities, Inc. Tracey Walker Dee Wall Cynthia Anne Walsh Michael Warber Amy Ward John and Mary Beth Wardrop Bill and Patricia Waring Sandra K. Warren Kirsten Washburn Water Fight Robert Weatherford and Pamela Stark Michael Weinreich J.L. Wentland Ralph O. and Diane Wessel Western Michigan Pediatrics Cardiology Associates, PC Michael Whalen Brian and Kim Whitson Whitson Insulation Co. of Grand Rapids Inc. Scott and Rebecca Wierda John and Jill Wierenga John and Marge Wiersma Rita Williams Bruce Williams Robert and Carrie Winter Howard H. Wirt Stan J. and Phyllis Wisinski Les and Lori Wisner Tom and Lori Wisner Don and Suzanne L. Wisner Shirley Wohler Gregory and Tina Wolbers John M. Wolf Joan Wolverton Casey and Violet Wondergem Leslie and Jane Wong Larry and Bonnie Wormmeester WZZM 13 Eric and Shawna Xu Alan and Wendy Yamaoka Michael and Leslie Yoder Jameson and Meghan Yoder Ron Young and Heather Frazee David Young Vicki Young John J. Young Barbara A. Youngblood Linda Zarzecki and Dr. Liam Sullivan Thelma Zeinstra Rachael Zhang William and Judith Zinser Mitchell A. Zoerhoff William R. and Carole E. Zoller Lodewyk P. and Joanne Zwarensteyn Employee Donors Art and Lisa Alberts Thomas and Tamara Barney Michelle and Kevin Bassett Marcia and Richard Bishop Jaime Brookmeyer Douglas C. Camelo Bryon and Kandy Campbell Benjamin and Cortney Carlson Gregory Cavey Marty and Barbara Coon Jennifer Daugherty Amy and Curtis Davis Jason and Cindy Dawes Nicholas and Susan Duesbery Kathryn M. Eisenmann R. Jack and Mary Frick Sarah Friedman Joseph and Susan Gavan John and Liga Greenfield Elizabeth Haak Pete Haak Kimela Hardy Tim Hawkins and Ilsy Murillo Steve and Brenda Heacock Stephanie Hehl Ted and Amy Heilman Laura and Matt Holman Margie and Timothy Hoving Angela R. Jason Roberta L. Jones Dafna and Greg Kauffman Katherine Koehler Christian T. Kutschinski Kellie A. Leali Laura and Dennis Lohr Heather T. Ly Jeff and Shannon MacKeigan Jennifer and Justin McGrail Cynthia and William Miranti David and Cathy Monsma Brent and Melisa Mulder Pam and Mike Murray Timothy and Denise Myers David E. Nadziejka Mr. and Mrs. Jay O’Neal Lisa and Gustavo Pilon Samuel and Cheryl Pinto Angie and Brad Plutschouw Amy Poplaski Carol and Steven Rappley James and Christine Resau Thad Roelofs David and Jessica Ross Ann L. Schoen Stephanie A. Scott Pamela J. Swiatek Bin and Jane Teh William Tolbert Jose Toro Steven and Laura Triezenberg John Van Fossen Gordon and Mary Van Harn George and Dot Vande Woude Russell L. VanderMey Kathleen and Phil Vogelsang Craig P. and Tara Webb Michael Weinreich Bart and Wendy Williams Carolyn and Lawrence F. Witt Eric and Shawna Xu John Young Ron Young and Heather Frazee Linda Zarzecki and Dr. Liam Sullivan Rachael Zhang Mitchell A. Zoerhoff Tribute and Memorial Gifts In 2007, the following individuals and organizations made a tribute or memorial gift in honor of a family member, friend, or colleague with a gift to Van Andel Institute. In recognition of their thoughtfulness, we express appreciation. Tributes Pauline Baer William and Barbara Bradley Kevin and Michelle Bassett Jean Bassett Bill and Barbara Bradley James H. and Sheral Bradley Robert Cope Holly Jacoby Tessa Grabinski Jared E. and Linda J. Gieske Andrew Koo David and Gloria Haebich Rex Renfrow & Family Arnold D. and Ilene D. Dashoff Reverend Merlyn Satrom John and Cheryl Tully Memorials Alison “Awesome Ali” Aardema Eric E. Jones James Bamborough Florence Freeman Mary Bek Applied Imaging Mary Benson Steven and Teri B. Olson Philip Bettendorf William and Bernadette Motiska Fred Birkeland Jean Bassett Jean Boomers Jacqueline Bradley Kevin and Kelly Chopp Don and Doris DeGood Michael B. and Renae D. Donahey Lynn and Zell Gill Richard J. and Lillian Havenga Norman and Valerie L. Knapp Robin and Yvonne Mancuso Bud and Jane Miller Jerry and Kathy Shear A. Clare and Karen Silva Suzanne J. Buche Charles J. and Nancy J. Poquette David J. and Amy R. Poquette Peter Bylsma Carol Bylsma Scott Carlson Nancy L. Carlson Norma Coryell Steven G. and Marguerite H. Baker Stephen F. and Michelle Card Ken and Norma Coryell James and Cynthia Cotter Howard T. Courtnay Charlie and Linda Cusack Scott and Linda A. Nash David Quigley Gregory and Tina Wolbers Kathrine Crane Carl and Anne Forslund Courtney Dahlen Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish Ann Damuth Mary K. Redman Frances Davidson Yvonne M. Burns Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish Gladys Davis Sandra Ames Jay DeBoe Michael J. DeBoe Carson Donley Elizabeth A. Donley Lisa Fair Steven and Teri B. Olson Marianne Fishback Maryanna Johnson Bill Fodren Margaret H. Fondren Emery Freeman Joseph G. Popiel Jean Frick Allan C. and Barbara J. Lowe John Fry Julia B. Fry Margaret Mary Gorski Joanne Hunefeld Robert Haight Robin Shelley Van Andel Institute

Mary “Tab” Hay Jerry and Shirley Sherman Christian Helmus, MD Dan and Ann Marie Van Eerden Jim Hickey Catherine Amodeo Larry W. Howe Larry L. and Ginger Howe Gordon J. and Jeanine Reeder Larry Jersey Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish Isabelle Johnson Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish Melanie Keith Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish Pastor Al Keller Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish Marie King Casey and Violet Wondergem Tim and Kris Wondergem Lyle Kinney Craig and Deb Kinney Lynn Konwinski Ron and Joann Champion Ronald and Cindi J. Czarnecki Lisa Freybler Kent Beverage Company Inc. Bernadine Kozal Diane Kozal James D. Kozal Lorraine Lavigne Philip and Denise J. Overway Kathryn Teesdale Dr. Han Mo Koo Carol Bylsma John and Lydia Tobian James M. Kozal James D. Kozal Angeline Landeis Lyle R. and Jacqueline J. Irish David B. Linn AD Bos Vending Services James W. Logie John H. and Susan Logie Peter & Joan Secchia “What a time this is for Grand and improved medical facilities, a new medical school, a focus on life sciences...and right at the heart of all of this is Van Andel Institute. The city is experiencing a complete transformation.” Jerry Matecun Sally Matecun Judith Mary McKenney Ward J. and Shirley McKenney Nicholas Mihos Richard and Mary MacKeigan Terry Moran James and Joy DeBoer John Mulder Edwin J. and Dolores Nawrocki Charles Edmund O’Keefe Ruth O’Keefe Carol Otto Pamela Luetkemeyer Ronald Pawloski James E. and Francene M. Angers Don and Lin Beenen John and Jodie Formolo Terri G. Gorton JB2 Enterprises Judith L. Kessel Donald M. and Monica M. Kimball Dolores Malec Nicholas Malec Claude and Gay M. Nauta Charles and Suzanne Neureuther Thomas W. and Jane A. Norton Richard and Kathleen A. Noskey Donald and Patricia Patterson Robert and Karen S. Pearson Louis G. and Terry K. Smith Dick and Shirley Tedford Bruce and Angela Towne Michael Warber Western Michigan Pediatrics Cardiology Associates, PC John O. Plummer, Jr. Lynn L. Plummer Dwight Reed Dwight Reed Memorial Golf Outing Participants Ann Roffol Vincent A. and Mary M. Ackerman David L. Rossi Anne Rossi Stella Rovine Richard and Mary MacKeigan Kevin Ryskamp Tom and Jean Almy Guy S. Bailey John, Evie, and Tommie Barfuss Stephen and Michelle Doyle John F. and Teresa A. Elliott Helen K. Jansen Kari A. LaPlaunt Joby and Amanda Lewis Scott and Nancy Liversedge George Manus Marina Shores Association Jack W. and Delores Marks John and Nancy K. Markward Cynthia L. Martin Joe and Darla McAlister Brian and Susan Mooney David, Kristen, Grayson, Beck and Alec Norris Michael, Kristina, and Aidan O’Meara Les and Barb Parker Steve and Molly Parker Steve and Ruth Pate Sue Anne Renken William, Kathryn, Lauren and Kate Ryan Denise Ryskamp Fredric E. Ryskamp Jack and Dorothy Ryskamp Christine Serne Dan and Susan Serne James A. and Eleanor L. Serne Jeanne C. Serne Michael S. Serne Mike and Joann Serne Patrick A. and June H. Serne Jim and Kris Van Heule Brian and Kim Whitson Whitson Insulation Co. of Grand Rapids Inc. Joan Wolverton Ruth Ann Scripps David and Debbie Keenan Alan and Wendy Yamaoka Jean Sheetz Sandra Ames Jo Smith Betty Jane Forray Linda C. Jennings Joseph W. and Mildred Konrath Betty J. Laroux John W. and Sharon Matthews Passaro & Kahne Law Office, PLLC Robert and Brenda Stineman Mike and Bev Vantieghrem Sandra K. Warren Pauline M. Stark Sharry A. Fearon-Beatty William L. and Barbara Parker John and Mary Sheets Richard and Pauline Stark Estate Pamela A. Stark and Robert Weatherford William Swaney Mary M. Grigware Keith N. and Sheryl S. Stewart Russel P. and Jean Swaney Thomas C. and Susan Swaney Bill Terpstra Sallie and David Brinks Betty Van Andel Arie E. and Jane Vandermale Jay Van Andel William and Bernadette Motiska Nancy Van Andel Stuart S. and Nelleke Vander Heide Rita (Kober) Veltkamp Deborah Kober Johan Visser Johan’s TriFest Participants Kenneth Welsher George Bischoff R.K. and Char Fecho Richard Kraklau Karen Kuiper Kaye LaVee Swanson Gloria Mance James and Elizabeth Mandarino Louise Mueller Irene Ott Ron Ott Caroline Patzer Ronald and Mary Patzer Gerald and Donna Pechtel Angela Rambo Lynn Vanpelt Dee Wall J.L. Wentland Shirley Wohler Katherine E. Whalen Steve and Julie Miller Stan Wietrecki Sandra Ames Mary Lois Wilke Sandra Ames Ora Zacharias Brandt D. and Sharon M. Driscoll Ric and Lisa Loyd To make changes to how your name(s), or your company’s name, is listed in future publications, please call 616-234-5681. To VAI’s many anonymous donors, we extend our quiet thanks. VAI Donor Recognition 45

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