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2008 Scientific Report

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Van Andel Research

Van Andel Research Institute | Scientific Report Office of Translational Programs The Office of Translational Programs (OTP) is the administrative home for activities overseen by the Deputy Director for Clinical Programs. The role of OTP is to promote and facilitate collaborative programs involving the Van Andel Research Institute and other institutions in the realm of translational medicine. These programs include development of translational infrastructure, research project coordination, medical-scientific education oversight, and community outreach. OTP accomplishments during our past year include the following: • Serving as the administrative home for a new cGMP facility. With funding from the state of Michigan and the federal Health Resources and Services Administration, VARI and Grand Valley State University have partnered to build and operate Grand River Aseptic Pharmaceutical Packaging (GR-APP), a current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) facility that will package pharmaceuticals for early-phase clinical trials commissioned by academic and commercial investigators, primarily in Michigan and the Midwest. Construction of GR-APP at 140 Front Street is complete, and operations will begin in mid 2008. • Overseeing VARI’s participation in activities of the Michigan Cancer Consortium (MCC). As an active member of the MCC, VARI is committed to participating in statewide and regional community-based programs to reduce the burden of cancer in Michigan. • Coordinating research rotations for physicians-in-training. In collaboration with the Grand Rapids Medical Education and Research Center (MERC), OTP schedules each first-year general surgery resident to spend one month working in a research laboratory at VARI. This program has been well received by both residents and VARI investigators. Custom-tailored rotations of variable duration at VARI can also be arranged for physiciansin-training. For example, Matt Steensma, M.D., is pursuing a one-year laboratory research fellowship with funding through the Orthopaedic Research and Education Foundation under joint mentorship by Dr. Hay and by Dr. David Rispler at MERC. Staff Rick Hay, Ph.D., M.D., F.A.H.A. Troy Carrigan Jean Chastain 32

VARI | 2008 mTOR staining of transitional cell carcinoma A pseudofluorescent image captured with the CRi Nuance imaging system of phospho-mTOR immunohistochemical staining of a human transitional cell carcinoma. The sample shows high expression of phospho-mTOR in the tumor cells (red) among normal interstitial tissue. The cellular nuclei are stained blue. The tissue was prepared by Chao-Nan Qian of the Teh laboratory and imaged by Kristin VandenBeldt of the Resau laboratory. 33

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