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2009 Scientific Report

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Cover photo: The

Cover photo: The micrograph at the top of the cover shows astrocytes in the murine retina (see p. 46); photo by Jennifer Bromberg-White. The center photo shows the VARI Phase II construction from the west as it appeared in May 2009; photo by David Nadziejka. The lower figure is a series of liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS) spectrographs of complex protein samples (see p. 34); graphs courtesy of Greg Cavey.

VARI | 2009 Van Andel Research Institute Scientific Report 2009 Culture of prostate epithelial cells. Confocal microscopic image of prostate epithelial cell (PEC) acini. Cells were cultured on Matrigel for 15 days and immunostained with antibodies against integrin beta 1 (green) and laminin 5 (red) to delineate the interface of the cell and the secreted basement membrane. Blue is from Hoechst staining of DNA in the nuclei. The equatorial cross section shows that this is a hollow structure, recapitulating the in vivo characteristics of the prostate gland. Three-dimensional culture may provide a more physiologically relevant approach than traditional two-dimensional cultures for studying the regulation of survival pathways, cellular architecture, and other cellular processes ex vivo. Photo by Laura Lamb of the Miranti lab.

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