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2013 Annual Report

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Memorials (continued)

Memorials (continued) Rosemarie Haviland Denise Fedko Lynn Hawker Dave and Deborah Wurfel Elwyn Hawley Betten Chevrolet, Inc Thomas Krupiczewicz Sandra Spencer Robert and Margaret Steketee John Heeren Raymond and Sandra Gajtka James and Janice Heeren Steven M. Hertel Mary Ballantine Antoinette Hertel Daniel and Barbara Keith Craig K. Kempf Funeral Home, Inc. Kay McKeague Sam and Joanne McKeever Gerald and Deborah Myers Donald Hesselschwerdt James and Florence Bouwman Jim Hickey Catherine Amodeo Ken Holtvluwer June Holtvluwer James and Dorothy Horgan David and Nancy Flower Carole Hubbard Charles and Carole Johnson Mary Louise Huffman Hedrick Associates Tom Huizingh David and Sallie Brinks Edward Hussey Ted and Kathleen Hillary Mark M. Huber Dorothy Key Marcus Key Margaret Key Elaine Robinson Patty Schlicht Robert and Katherine VanKlaveren Patricia Hutchings ODL, Inc. Annette Jackman Richard and Patricia Cebelak Wesley Jaeger Todd and Dawn Cutler Jeremy Eaton Steven and Alyce Marie Embree Michelle Huss Robert Jackson Duane Jaeger Lyndsey Nelson Matthew Nelson Marcia A. Jakolat Lynda Allen Patricia F. Crow Vern and Mary Jakolat Dianne Maitner Emil and Yvonne Reinke Dale Jehnzen Floyd and Mary Patrick Sally Jenkins Ann Jarchow Kevin Johnson Lyle and Jackie Irish Sarah D. Kaper Steven and Julie Aardema Jean Behnke Dustin and Robyn Besteman David and Terri Boomstra Alan and Susan Brander John and Mary Carrier Mark and Valerie Chulski Ralph and Majiel Costanzo Roger L. and Shara DeVries The Elzinga Family Scott and Linda Folkert Georgetown Bible Church Hudsonville Public Schools Mark Huizinga Kathryn A. Hutchins Jenison High Class of 1978 Tracy Kapenga Randy and Marcia MacGeorge Hollis and Carol McCullick James and June Messina Terry and Cheryl Meyer J.L. and Emma Miller Richard and Deborah Nykamp Tom and Pam Oosterbroek Bradley and Richelle Rhowmine Randall and Anna Reynolds Perry and Nora Sellers Matthew and Cherie Siel Leonard and Leonora Smit Larry and Virginia Veldink Kevin and Tracey Weberg John Weller Carole Yost Brigitte Kleinselbeck David and Sallie Brinks Alva J. Klooster Donald Klooster Elizabeth Klopcic Donald Klopcic David Kosten Michael DeBoer Chad Kowalczyk Esther Kowalczyk Leon J. Kowalczyk Esther Kowalczyk Patricia R. Kozal Cecilia Pius Pulmonary Associates at Mercy Health Julia Kraker David and Sallie Brinks Cody Krueger Jan Ahlstrom Beatrice R. Locke Lyle and Roberta Brockway Allan C. Lowe, Jr. Allan C. and Barbara Lowe Michelle Marie Lunn Michael and Suzanne Lunn Dennis and Christine Maatman Joel and Maybeth Maatman Nel Makarewicz Karen R. Alger Larry and Shirley Genther Janice Kenna Alex Mandarino James Briles Robert Markham Chad and Katie Appold Deborah Grether Eldon and Denise Grubb Dick and Sandy G. Hansen Carol Holquist Gary and Rebecca Knapp Jeffrey and Diane Olson Sharon Pease Sharon Sanford Warren Schut Daniel and Jacquelynn Vanderlugt Lois Veenstra Johannes C. Marttin Michael and Christina Norris Robert Martin Ryan and Angie Stumpo James Michael McCoy George and Dot Vande Woude Judith Mary McKenney Ward and Shirley McKenney Janet McMains Lori Pospiech Gary L. Meyering Michael and Mary Dykema Ken Miedema Kenneth and Judy Betz Agnes J. Beukema Mary Dechow Donald and Ruth DeWinter Marvin and Ruth De Winter Ellen J. Doorn Sue Grassmid Gordon and Judith Haan Kevin and Karen Johnston James and Joan Koetje Robert and Helen Lynema Betsy Miedema George Milan MaryAnn Maloley Ernest Miller John and Sandra Douma Susan Hess Ruth Tol John C. Munger Jeffrey and Tammy Ammon Jane Nichols Jean Swaney Theodore A. Nicolette Eleanore Nicolette Bonnie Nothoff Paul and Charlene Fitzpatrick Marilyn Obuchowski Ruth Van Valkenburg Carol Parker Robin Kaplan Diane Pauwl Chris Allen Denise Picardat AAAE Amway Robert and Roseann Benstein Kari Blanchett James and Deborah Cook Daryl and Connie Delabbio Experience Grand Rapids Phil and Patricia Hill Mark and Lisa Karis Kent County Board of Commissioners/Administrator Kent Maurer Light & Breuning, Inc. Ellis and Debra Luchies Northern Air Brian Picardat Prein & Newhof RS&H Daniel and Wendy Sheilds 39 GIVE TODAY AT VAI.ORG/GIVE

Fiore Pinto Ana Bruni Mario and Geraldine Contreras Chris and Andrea Szczygiel Steven Szczygiel Ronald and Lori Anne Thomas George and Dot Vande Woude Ed Podworski Margaret Podworski Bert Purwin Phyllis Purwin Tony Rahme MaryAnn Maloley Ryan J. Regan Matthew and Diana Bushman Annette Reynolds Raymond Bardwell Jack and Mary Frick Jamie and Gerilyn May Michael and Jane Olejniczak Liam Sullivan and Linda J. Zarzecki Louise Rice Jacqueline Winquist Ricky L. Roberts James and Betty McDonald Metro Health Cedar Springs James and Sandra Perrin Earl Robinson David and Lynne Robinson Doris Robinson David and Lynne Robinson Carrie Roe The Bestrom Family David L. Rossi Anne M. Rossi Alan R. Ryan Jean Swaney Dennis Sanford Sharon Sanford Elizabeth Sarafis Linda Triant Joanne Sauter George and Linda Sharpe Elizabeth Savickas Anonymous Patricia E. O’Brien Progressive Surface Gregory and Kathleen Proulx Anna Savickas Loretta A. Savickas Tri-County Country 4-H Club Dwight W. Sawyer Jacquolyn Sawyer James & Char Schierbeek Jerry Broersma Chester Schut Clinton Hop Frances Shadowens Robert and Elaine Bostelaar Joe and Rose Cramer Joseph J. Sheets Voyager Rosetta R. Shipley James Richmond Stephanie Spicer Mathew and Jennifer Fahrenkrug Harold Steele North American Machine & Engineering Co. James Steele Win and Kyle Irwin Reg Klooster Al and Mary Smith Thomas and Diane Thompson Ruth E. Steele Frank and Leslie Vander Hoff Campbell H. Steketee Elizabeth J. Crosby Walter Stenborg Patrick and Alana Placzkowski Cole Stoddard Coins for Cole John and Jacqueline Herrold David and Anna Stoddard Clarence Suelter Carl and Jenifer Nelson Billy Swaney Clayton and Claire Kelly Hardon Jean Swaney Jennifer Swaney Tom and Sue Swaney Family Rusty Swaney Bill and Nancy Swaney Tom and Sue Swaney Family Bernard Sytsma Marian Sytsma Lottie Szczepanek Stuart and Nelleke Vander Heide Karen Tanis Ann Barrenger Donald and Mary Davies Carol A. Graham Paula M. Hineline Richard Horvitz Lake Michigan Credit Union The Langridge Family Sherri L. Nitz Tracy Reimus Gary and Nancy Rodgers Randy and Natalie Sluja Nelson and Mary Wilner Daryl Ter Haar Patricia Ter Haar Clara Thompson Lee and Brenda Thompson Tru Turkenburg Philip and Mary Ellen Bloem Rita Urban Shawn and Gail Quinn Jay and Betty Van Andel Anonymous Lloyd F. Lampell Frank Padron Cliff Van Hoven Randy and JoAnn Van Hoven Gordy VandenBerg Karen VandenBerg Florence Vanderveen Norman and Carolyn Boeve Kenneth and Sharon Karsten National Christian Foundation West Michigan William and Yvonne Van Ee Carl VanderZee Sr. The Family of Carl VanderZee Marjory Veliquette Paul and Charlene Fitzpatrick John Vibert Alexander Sloane James Vinton Mary Harris Donald and Ann Sicko Marlene Vis Anonymous Mike and Joanne Boorsma Ron and Pat Butler Freightliner of Grand Rapids Marvin and Nelvina Ilbrink Joseph Kresovsky Ruth M. Leyendecker Alvin and Barbara Masselink Kathleen F. Nauta Celia Sommerfeldt Star Truck Rentals, Inc. Jeremy Tertzakian Lonnie Vis Linda Wasyluwski Roger and Marcia Beutner Kelsa Watson James and Debra Watson Debbie Wentworth Dawn Campbell Marian Westrate Gary Westrate Kay Whalen Michael J. Whalen Peter Whigham Peter S. and B.J. Whigham Jeffrey Wierenga Will Barresi Crowe Horwath LLP Caroline Gottwald David and Judy Hopkins Randall and Marijo Knoll Gordon and Evelyn Oeverman R4 Enterprises, LLC Chris Robb Rockford Construction Company, Inc. Jane Thelen Ellen Wilder The Bestrom Family Nona Wirt Howard H. Wirt Greg Wolf Dan and Diane Hickey Steven and Mary Jo Klotz Casey Wondergem Raymond and Marlene Wondergem Carol Wright CAZZ Consulting Virginia Wynalda Peggy Couturier Arnold and Margie DeHaven Timothy and Margo DeWitt Gary and Elizabeth Gingrich David Jasper Rick Johnson Steven and Suanne Shoemaker Gene Yost Carole Yost Sandy Zakem John and Jane Nichols Herb Zeitter Shirley Zeitter van andel institute 40

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