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2013 Scientific Report

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Van Andel Research

Van Andel Research Institute Scientific Report 2013 Cryosection of a mouse calvaria. In using tissue-specific knock-out mouse models, the promoter must have precise specificity. Here we used the mTmG reporter model to demonstrate that Ocn-Cre expresses specifically in the bone cells. Top panel: Cells were stained with DAPI (blue) for nucleic acids. Bone cells are expressing GFP (green), while all other cells are expressing Tomato (red). Lower panel: A differential interference contrast image with DAPI stain of the same area. Photo by Alex Zhong of the Williams laboratory.

Van Andel Research Institute | Scientific Report Published March 2013. Copyright 2013 by the Van Andel Institute; all rights reserved. Van Andel Institute, 333 Bostwick Avenue, N.E. Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503, U.S.A. ii

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