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2016 Annual Report

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Dr. Hui Shen –

Dr. Hui Shen – Starting a Conversation About Women’s Health Hundreds of people gathered in Van Andel Institute’s Cook-Hauenstein Hall in November 2016, to hear from scientists who have dedicated their lives to fighting cancers that affect women. A Conversation About Women’s Health, hosted by Carol Van Andel, gave those in attendance a chance to hear from leaders in cancer research and learn about advancements in cancers affecting women. The event highlighted the work of Dr. Hui Shen, a young, vibrant scientist who joined Van Andel Research Institute in 2014. Dr. Shen uses leading-edge technology to investigate the molecular background of ovarian cancer. In November 2015, she received the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund’s Liz Tilberis Early Career Award, which is given to junior faculty with a strong commitment to an investigative career in ovarian cancer research. Shen also participates in the Van Andel Research Institute–Stand Up To Cancer Epigenetics Dream Team and is a member of The Cancer Genome Atlas, a multi-institutional effort to better understand the molecular basis of cancer through genomic analysis. “The fact that scientists like Dr. Shen are using every technology and resource available to take on cancers that affect women is something that should give all of us a great deal of hope.” Carol Van Andel Dr. Shen’s presentation during A Conversation About Women’s Health focused on her work in epigenetics—a groundbreaking new area of cancer research, and where she sees new avenues for improved diagnostics and therapies. Van Andel believes the Institute’s community health-focused events provide a lasting resource for patients, caregivers and people who want to take a proactive role in their own healthcare. DR. HUI SHEN CAROL VAN ANDEL SPEAKING AT A CONVERSATION ABOUT WOMEN’S HEALTH HOSTED BY CAROL VAN ANDEL. 34 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT 2016

Donor Highlight Joe Rudnick & Tapistry Brewing Joe Rudnick brews craft beer with heart. After a 20-year career as an engineer with Pfizer, he decided to follow his passion and opened Tapistry Brewing Company in 2013. In addition to brewing great beer, Rudnick feels very strongly about community engagement and living life with a generous spirit. After his father passed away from a long battle with cancer, Rudnick found Van Andel Institute’s website while doing some web browsing, and was impressed by the Institute’s mission and fundraising philosophy. “I found the Institute when I was searching online after cancer took my father’s life at 59—and when I learned that the Institute applies every dime to research and doesn’t waste it, I knew I wanted to partner with them," Rudnick said. Rudnick and Tapistry Brewing Company are active partners in Purple Community’s Hops for Hope fundraising initiative. During the yearlong annual event, breweries, restaurants and pubs donate a portion of specialty beer sales to support the Institute’s cancer and neurodegenerative disease research. An active community member, and a dedicated craftsman, Rudnick is proud to partner with a Michigan-based organization that values donor dollars and uses funds to impact human health. “I have a great amount of respect for the Van Andel family and everyone at Van Andel Institute, and I really appreciate their determination to help those affected by cancer and disease,” Rudnick said. “Cancer has affected my life in multiple ways, and I think it’s important to help scientists discover new ways to fight this disease and give people a ray of hope.” PHILANTHROPY “I was searching online after cancer took my father’s life at 59—and when I learned that the Institute applies every dime to research and doesn’t waste it, I knew I wanted to partner with them.” Joe Rudnick JOE RUDNICK, TAPESTRY BREWING. VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT 2016 | 35

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