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2016 Annual Report

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Memorials For our

Memorials For our friends who have lost a loved one, we mourn with you. We appreciate your trust in us to fight disease in memory of your family and friends—with the hope for a healthier tomorrow. Allison Aardema Steven & Julie Aardema James Ackley Stephen Haarman Art Alberts, Ph.D. William Alberts Wynston Alberts Jason & Cindy Dawes Dr. Kathryn M. Eisenmann Peterson Haak Carole Howard Dwight Lakey Brad Long Betsy Salzman Robert C. Anderson David & Lynne Robinson Vivian G. Anderson David & Lynne Robinson Frank L. Archer Timothy & Marcye Van Dyke Alyssa Arends Dean & Beth Havens Lynda Armstrong Mark Press Allan L. Arnoys Rob Arnoys Mary Badanek Katherine Sanders John Bambini Kim & Christopher Engle Keith Bassett Regena Bassett John H. Batts Lester & Vivian Hoogland Shirley Baumgardner Dwane & Joyce Baumgardner Harlan Berens Verl & Vicky Bleeker Nicole Beuschel Sue Baar Ernest Bevins David Bevins Joe Blaskis Sharon Blaskis Mary Boerema Jean Swaney Glenn Bonkosky Gerald & Tracy Kneeshaw Bob Bonney George LaPlante Pamela Boomer Russell & Sara Tiller Donna Boorstein Dr. William M. Boorstein Jim Bos Grace Bouwman Lorraine Boyd Frieda & James Jaynes Phyllis Brown Jacqueline Kozal Robert A. Brown G. Michael & Mary Minton Robert J. Brown Anonymous William Buis American Legion W. G. Leenhouts Squadron 6 SAL Anonymous Mitchell & Kristyn Arends Lori Barkel Rick & Janice Berens Robert & Valerie Bernecker Judith Borough Jack & Lois Brott Joyce Buis Gary & Judith Bylsma Thomas & Julie Carey Whitney Carnahan James & Dorothy Chamness Wayne & Laura Debruyn Victor & Ruth Dejonge Debra DeLeeuw Lawrence & Linda Denuyl Douglas & Sharen Dinkins Kenneth & Gladys Dozeman Daniel & Jannis Ebels Carolynne Etheridge William & Barbara Lawton Suzanne Linn Medtronic, Inc. Jacquelyn Pullen Judith Rabbai Jack & Ardith Shultz Benjamin & Judith Smith Harlan & Cheryl Sprik Bernard & Jacqulin Stack Rodney Truttman Robert & Barbara Turner Douglas & Kathleen VanLente John & Claudia Watson West Michigan Health Information Management Association Gary & Phila White Kenneth & Marcia Wierda Bob Burgers Jason & Kimberly Jerke In Memoriam – Dr. Art Alberts | July 23, 1964 – December 4, 2016 With great sadness, we said farewell in December to our friend and colleague Dr. Art Alberts after his courageous several-year battle with brain cancer. Alberts was one of Founding Research Director Dr. George Vande Woude’s first recruits to Van Andel Institute in 2000. A dedicated and passionate scientist, Alberts was a lead investigator in the Center for Cancer and Cell Biology who was instrumental in establishing the Institute’s prestige in the world of biomedical research. His research focused on cell motility and mDIA2 regulation. A proud mentor, Alberts served as a Van Andel Institute Graduate School professor and trained several students and postdoctoral scientists who have gone on to successful careers in academia. He was known for his forthright nature, intensity, humor and iconic wardrobe. Whether helping a graduate student consider a new perspective or asking challenging questions of a prominent scientist during a seminar or lecture, Alberts could be counted on for his impassioned commentaries. David Van Andel, Chairman and CEO of Van Andel Institute, remembers Alberts as a significant force in the early days of the Institute and a leader in his field. PHOTO CAPTION “Those of us who knew Art would agree that he was a true original—a passionate, deeply inquisitive soul who was committed to the purity of science,” Van Andel said. “Art’s insight and genuine, uncompromising love for his work was evident in everything he did. His legacy lives on in the work we do today and the many people who were lucky enough to have known him.” Alberts was a devoted and loving husband and father, and is survived by his wife, Lisa and their two children, Corrinne and Isobel. 40 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT 2016

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