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2016 Annual Report

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A Letter from David Van

A Letter from David Van Andel Dear Friends, Our story began more than 20 years ago with a bold dream: to impact human health. Why? Because millions of people are affected by diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s, and we believed we could make a difference. From our founding, early development and growth into a global institute, our most important asset has always been abundantly clear—people. The Institute became a reality because a dedicated group of people decided to write a new narrative for how science is done—to break down barriers, build a world-class research and science education organization, and spark the growth of a health sciences industry in the heart of West Michigan. In the beginning, we sought advice from experts, established partnerships and began laying the foundation for the years to come. As time passed, our story expanded and evolved—the product of many individuals’ expertise, hopes and dreams. Today, the Institute employs more than 360 people from 32 different countries, bringing with them unique skills, gifts and abilities that benefit us as an organization and add to our diversity. These incredible scientists, educators and professionals could be working anywhere in the world—but they came here and are helping lead the way into a future filled with opportunities. Opportunities abound because of people and their connections to each other. Van Andel Institute scientists collaborate internally, locally, nationally and internationally with others who are committed to making a profound impact on people’s health. Partnerships with organizations such as Stand Up To Cancer and The Cure Parkinson’s Trust are helping us accelerate the pace of discovery and begin clinical trials for new cancer and Parkinson’s therapies. Through the years, hope has always been the heart of the Institute’s story. And today, there is more reason to hope than ever before. We could not have come this far without you—our friends and supporters. Some of you have been touched by cancer, Parkinson’s or other diseases and have decided to take action. Others of you give of your time, treasure and talent to advance scientific discovery and educational enlightenment. Together, we are moving the Institute forward in new and surprising ways. This year’s annual report is a celebration of the people and the stories that illuminate who we are, what we do and where we’re going. It is my hope that you will join us for the next chapter in the Institute’s history and add your story to the pages that have yet to be written. Warmly, David Van Andel Chairman and CEO “Through the years, hope has always been the heart of the Institute’s story.” David Van Andel 2 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT 2016


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