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2016 Scientific Report

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CENTER FOR CANCER AND CELL BIOLOGY Bart O. Williams, Ph.D. Director The Center’s scientists study the basic mechanisms and molecular biology of cancer and other diseases, with the goal of developing better diagnostics and therapies. A depiction of arrestin binding by a phosphorylated and active rhodopsin. The cell membrane lipids are shown as off-white, rhodopsin is blue, arrestin is red, and phosphorus molecules are orange. The phosphorylated C-terminal tail of rhodopsin binds to the N-domain (left) of the arrestin molecule. In the main contact region between the two molecules (central), arrestin accommodates the ICL2 helix of rhodopsin. In this fully activated state, the tip of arrestin’s C-domain contacts the membrane (right). (Model by Parker de Waal of the Xu lab) 5

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