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2017 Fall Highlights of Hope

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PHILANTHROPY GIVING HOPE FOR THE FUTURE both the donor and the charity and often achieving significant tax savings. Do you wonder what the future looks like? At Van Andel Institute (VAI) our scientists are working hard to create a future free from cancer and Parkinson’s disease. Planning is one way to create a secure future for you and your loved ones while also leaving a legacy that can help patients and families for generations to come. "I wish I could do more" is the comment we often hear from friends of the Institute. The truth is that a gift in a will or estate plan can have a huge impact at VAI where 100 percent of your gift will go directly toward our mission. Every dollar really does make a big difference. Donors can designate a planned gift to specific areas of our work. Whether it’s a type of cancer that has impacted your family or your passion for inspiring the next generation of scientists in our education programs, donors have the satisfaction of knowing they have played an integral part in impacting human health. Planned giving is a means of making a charitable gift part of a donor's overall financial, estate, tax and philanthropic planning, maximizing the benefits to Donors who support the Institute through a planned gift automatically become members of Van Andel Institute’s Society of Hope. The Society of Hope recognizes individuals who have notified us that they have included VAI in their will or other deferred giving plan. Through our acknowledgment of and gratitude toward these exceptional people, we hope that their generosity will inspire others. Is a planned gift right for you? To learn more and to request an Estate Planning Guide, please contact Teresa Reid, Major Gifts Officer, at or 616.234.5040. MEMORIALS We appreciate your trust in us to fight disease in memory or honor of your family and friends—with hope for a healthier tomorrow. To make a gift in memory or honor of a loved one, call 616.234.5552. Cindy Antonides Ricky & Debbra Yeager Alyssa Arends John & Susan Nelson David J. Baines John Bernu Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Betz Stephen & Rosemary Christenson Martha Dennis Berta Dykhuis James & Patricia Emerson Felipe & Melissa Gracias John & Deanna Green Eugene & Donna Hageman Mildred MacKenzie James McGill Megan Patterson Richard & Jane Schneider Tom & Nancy Sutherland Rolf Beerhorst Ronald & Frances McKellar Nicole Beuschel Sue Baar Carol J. Biesbrock Rebeca Colvin Kevin & Nancy Kamphuis Robert & Karen Yonker Marlene Brink Kenneth & Cheryl Haverdink Ron Coats Carolyn Murphy William Coderre Rebecca Salach Joan Dye James & JoAnn Lindgren Melissa A. Eden Laura Jaynes Carolyn Murphy F. Keith Forton Paul & Charlene Fitzpatrick Joyce E. Grimmer Joan Rainsford Edith Rashewsky Rick & Dalayne Sietsema Mary Haab Robert & Louise Bishop Carol A. Haarman Stephen Haarman Joseph A. Hall Jean Swaney Mark J. Hawley Alexis Sterry Robert L. Heffelbower Datum Industries Norene Reigler Mark R. Hoffhines David & Donna Hockstra Lyle R. Irish Jacqueline Irish Diane Williamson Lavina Knowlton Richard Almeida Claudine Fales Marion Tinkman Douglas C. Leet George & Julia Steinhardt Walter J. Long Advisory Research, Inc. Anonymous Mrs. Natalie Bernecker Jerry & Suzanne Callahan Greg Clarkin Stephen Czech Sheryl Fagerlin Kurt Hazlewood Dewey Heetderks Amy Hocevar Terry & Cindy Lawrence Gary & Vicky Ludema Julie McClelland Lauretta Murphy Mark & Marcia Piersma David T. & Linda M. Spencer Laura Sword Maria Van Til James & Jane Zwiers Allan C. Lowe, Jr. Allan & Barbara Lowe Cornelia M. MacDonald Phillip & Maureen Bednarek Marian Coles Donald & Mildred Doyle Ronald Edwards Doris Frobel Walter & Nina Gorak Andrew & Sheila List Robert & Genene MacDonald Sarah MacDonald Marilyn Moore Thomas Moran Carl & Pat Peters Jacquolyn Sawyer Ronald & Geraldine Urbanski Darrell & Suzanne Van Fossan Robert & Mary Wilkinson Isobel McKay Joseph & Margaret Biersack William M. Moore Steven & Diane Colvin Robert & Dorothy Livingston Joshua & Andrea Livingston Michael & Nancy Marsman 18 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE

MEMORIALS (CONTINUED) Howard Nunemaker Amber Balkema Kathryn L. Olinger Lawrence & C. DeClarke Kramer Richard L. Pullen Ruth Kemp Karen Randolph Cathy Mathews Mark Roberts Jeffery Roberts Lonnie R. Rogers Craig & Debra Marshall Margaret Saunier David & Suzanne Cope Scott & Joy McNabb Phillip & Susan Mowers Curtis & Barbara Saunier Ward & Jeanne Vanderwill Amy L. Schneider Kathleen Faulkner Wilma M. Schnyders Joanne Arnoys Ellen Fowler Grace Nyenhuis Jacob & Leona Nyenhuis Paul Nyenhuis Ronald & Betty Tymes Wayne Schout Bill & G. Kay Bolman Dale & Thelma Brower Bruce Everts First Reformed Church of Zeeland MI Mary Genter Lewis & Elizabeth Harper Matthew & Tracey Jacobs Lois Lamar Glenn & Cynthia Nykamp G. Loraine Slagh Jacob & Gloria Toering Norman & Sheryl Veldhoff Amna P. Seibold Jean Swaney Michael E. Serne Joann Serne Chris Shaw Tom & Barb Shaw Bill Van Regenmorter Roger & Sharon Sneller Dawn Vander Meer Gary & Theresa Acton Debra Brown Thomas & Cheryl Butcher David & Carol Byrne Madonna Markus James R. Vinkemulder Martha Case Kellly Haun Linda Hitchcock Virgil Johanningsmeier Jenette Sanderson Janet Shaver Emily Sievertsen Traci Verlinde Anthony & Monica Verplank Rebecca M. Vogelsang Stephen Czech Eric Westra Susan DeBoer Debbie Wittenbach Anonymous Tom Wolterink David Dunneback & Lisa Wolterink Gene Yost Carole Yost Ann Zakarzecki Arline Dzwonkowski TRIBUTES Chuck & Chris Boelkins Daniel & Patricia Kremers Bob DuHadway Karlyn DeGram Andy & Carol Dykema James Dykema Bill Helmholdt Joseph & Holly Wager Michael Landon Kelly McMonagle Morgan & Patricia Landon Kelly McMonagle Jeanine Linington Deborah Hurst David Linington Alison Sheltrown Alexis Sterry Clarence Suelter Carl & Jenifer Nelson Christy Tape Leslie Traughber David & Carol Van Andel David & Jill Bielema Jenna Wallace Jill Wallace These lists represent gifts made between January and June. The accuracy of these lists is very important to us. Please contact 616.234.5552 if an error has been made. VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE | 19

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