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2018 Annual Report

Through biomedical

Through biomedical research and science education, Van Andel Institute is committed to improving the health and enhancing the lives of current and future generations. Table of Contents 2 A Letter from David Van Andel 4 Research 6 Rare Diseases, Big Impact 8 Keeping Watch On Our Cellular Clock 10 Fueling Innovation 11 An Art Gallery at the Near-Atomic Level 22 Meeting the Grand Challenge 24 Van Andel Research Institute Scientists Help Create Cancer “Atlas” 26 Making a Difference Early On 28 Van Andel Institute Graduate School Students 30 Education 32 Honoring and Empowering Teachers 33 High School Students Spend Their Summer Days at Van Andel Education Institute 44 Donors and Philanthropic Partners (cont.) 44 Purple Community Football Games 46 Purple Community 5K 47 Running Like the Wind 48 Purple Community Breaks a Record 49 Duncan Lake Middle School Students 50 Never Stop Giving Back — Sally Schaafsma 51 Memorials 12 A Surprising Discovery 34 Donors and Philanthropic Partners 51 Society of Hope 14 Meet the Scientist Behind the Science 36 Donor Profile: Alvin and Hylda Tuuk 52 Signature Special Event Sponsors 15 Stand Up To Cancer Global Telecast 37 Donor Profile: Duke Suwyn 53 Institute Leadership Team 16 Van Andel Research Institute’s Principal Investigators 38 Event Photos 54 Board and Council Members

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