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2018 Scientific Report

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Center for Cancer and

Center for Cancer and Cell Biology RECENT CENTER PUBLICATIONS Barnett, Daniel, Ying Liu, Katie Partyka, Ying Huang, Huiyuan Tang, Galen Hostetter, Randall E. Brand, Aatur D. Singhi, Richard R. Drake, and Brian B. Haab. 2017. The CA19-9 and sialyl-TRA antigens define separate subpopulations of pancreatic cancer cells. Scientific Reports 7: 4020. DeBruine, Zachary J., Jiyuan Ke, Kaleeckal G. Harikumar, Xin Gu, Peter Borowsky, Bart O. Williams, Wenqing Xu, Laurence J. Miller, H. Eric Xu, and Karsten Melcher. 2017. Wnt5a promotes frizzled-4 signalosome assembly by stabilizing cysteine-rich domain dimerization. Genes and Development 31(9): 916–926. Droscha, Casey J., Cassandra R. Diegel, Nicole J. Ethen, Travis A. Burgers, Mitchell J. McDonald, Kevin A. Maupin, Agni S. Naidu, PengFei Wang, Bin T. Teh, and Bart O. Williams. 2017. Osteoblast-specific deletion of Hprt2/Cdc73 results in high bone mass and increased bone turnover. Bone 98: 68–78. Grohar, Patrick J., John Glod, Cody J. Peer, Tristan M. Sissung, Fernanda I. Arnaldez, Lauren Long, William D. Figg, Patricia Whitcomb, Lee J. Helman, and Brigitte C. Widemann. 2017. A phase I/II trial and pharmacokinetic study of mithramycin in children and adults with refractory Ewing sarcoma and EWS-FLI1 fusion transcript. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology 80(3): 645–652. Grohar, Patrick J., Katherine A. Janeway, Luke D. Mase, and Joshua D. Schiffman. 2017. Advances in the treatment of pediatric bone sarcomas. In 2017 Educational Book, Alexandria, Virginia: American Society of Clinical Oncology. He, Yuanzheng, Xiang Gao, Devrishi Goswami, Li Hou, Kuntal Pal, Yanting Yin, Gongpu Zhao, Oliver P. Ernst, Patrick Griffin, Karsten Melcher, and H. Eric Xu. 2017. Molecular assembly of rhodopsin with G protein–coupled receptor kinases. Cell Research 27(6): 728–747. Klamer, Zachary, Ben Staal, Anthony R. Prudden, Lin Liu, David F. Smith, Geert-Jan Boons, and Brian Haab. 2017. Mining highcomplexity motifs in glycans: a new language to uncover the fine specificities of lectins and glycosidases. Analytical Chemistry 89(22): 12342–12350. Lee, Ho-Joon, Mark P. Jedrychowski, Arunachalam Vinayagam, Ning Wu, Ng Shyh-Chang, Yanhui Hu, Chua Min-Wen, Jodene K. Moore, John M. Asara, Costas A. Lyssiotis, Norbert Perrimon, Steven P. Gygi, Lewis C. Cantley, and Marc W. Kirschner. 2017. Proteomic and metabolomic characterization of a mammalian cellular transition from quiescence to proliferation. Cell Reports 20(3): 721–736. Li, Jianshuang, Di Lu, Huadie Liu, Bart O. Williams, Paul A. Overbeek, Brendan Lee, Ling Zheng, and Tao Yang. 2017. Sclt1 deficiency causes cystic kidney by activating ERK and STAT3 signaling. Human Molecular Genetics 26(15): 2949–2960. Ma, Honglei, Jingbo Duan, Jiyuan Ke, Yuanzheng He, Xin Gu, Ting-Hai Xu, Hong Yu, Yonghong Wang, Joseph S. Brunzelle, Yi Jiang, Scott B. Rothbart, H. Eric Xu, Jiayang Li, and Karsten Melcher. 2017. A D53 repression motif induces oligomerization of TOPLESS corepressors and promotes assembly of a corepressor-nucleosome complex. Science Advances 3(6): e1601217. Minciacchi, Valentina R., Cristiana Spinelli, Mariana Reis-Sobreiro, Lorenzo Cavallini, Sungyong You, Mandana Zandian, Xiaohong Li, Paola Chiarugi, Rosalyn M. Adam, Edwin M. Posadas, Giuseppe Viglietto, Michael R. Freeman, Emanuele Cocucci, Neil A. Bhowmick, and Dolores Di Vizio. 2017. MYC mediates large oncosome-induced fibroblast reprogramming in prostate cancer. Cancer Research 77(9): 2306–2317. Pridgeon, Matthew G., Patrick J. Grohar, Matthew R. Steensma, and Bart O. Williams. 2017. Wnt signaling in Ewing sarcoma, osteosarcoma, and malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors. Current Osteoporosis Reports 15(4): 239–246. Sempere, Lorenzo F., Jessica Keto, and Muller Fabbri. 2017. Exosomal microRNAs in breast cancer towards diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Cancers 9(7): 71. 18 | VAN ANDEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE SCIENTIFIC REPORT

Valkenburg, Kenneth C., Angelo M. De Marzo, and Bart O. Williams. 2017. Deletion of tumor suppressors adenomatous polyposis coli and Smad4 in murine luminal epithelial cells causes invasive prostate cancer and loss of androgen receptor expression. Oncotarget 8(46): 80265–80277. Waldhart, Althea N., Holly Dykstra, Anderson S. Peck, Elissa A. Boguslawski, Zachary B. Madaj, Jennifer Wen, Kelsey Veldkamp, Matthew Hollowell, Bin Zheng, Lewis C. Cantley, Timothy E. McGraw, and Ning Wu. 2017. Phosphorylation of TXNIP by AKT mediates acute influx of glucose in response to insulin. Cell Reports 19(10): 2005–2013. Winkler, Paige A., Yihe Huang, Weinan Sun, Juan Du, and Wei Lü. 2017. Electron cryo-microscopy structure of a human TRPM4 channel. Nature 552(7684): 200–204. Yan, Yan, Ting-Hai Xu, Kaleeckal G. Marikumar, Laurence J. Miller, Karsten Melcher, and H. Eric Xu. 2017. Dimerization of the transmembrane domain of amyloid precursor protein is determined by residues around the gamma-secretase cleavage sites. Journal of Biological Chemistry 292(38): 15826–15837. Yang, Tao, and Bart O. Williams. 2017. Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related proteins in skeletal development and disease. Physiological Reviews 97(3): 1211–128. Yin, Yanting, Parker W. De Waal, Yuanzheng He, Li-Hua Zhao, Dehua Yang, Xiaoqing Cai, Yi Jiang, Karsten Melcher, Ming-Wei Wang, and H. Eric Xu. 2017. Rearrangement of a polar core provides a conserved mechanism for constitutive activation of class B G protein–coupled receptors. Journal of Biological Chemistry 292(24): 9865–9881. Zhang, Feng, Jiyuan Ke, Li Zhang, Rongzhi Chen, Koichi Sugimoto, Gregg A. Howe, H. Eric Xu, Mingguo Zhou, Sheng Yang He, and Karsten Melcher. 2017. Structural insights into alternative splicing-mediated desensitization of jasmonate signaling. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A. 114(7): 1720–1725. Zhou, X. Edward, Yuanzheng He, Parker W. de Waal, Xiang Gao, Yanyong Kang, Ned Van Eps, Yanting Yin, Kuntal Pal, Devrishi Goswami, Thomas A. White, Anton Barty, Naomi R. Latorraca, Henry N. Chapman, Wayne L. Hubbell, Ron O. Dror, Raymond C. Stevens, Vadim Cherezov, Vsevolod V. Gurevich, Patrick R. Griffin, Oliver P. Ernst, Karsten Melcher, and H. Eric Xu. 2017. Identification of phosphorylation codes for arrestin recruitment by G protein–coupled receptors. Cell 170(3): 457–469.e13. VAN ANDEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE SCIENTIFIC REPORT | 19

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