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2018 Scientific Report

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Center for Epigenetics

Center for Epigenetics STEVEN J. TRIEZENBERG, Ph.D. Dr. Triezenberg earned his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. He was a faculty member at Michigan State University for more than 18 years before joining VARI in 2006 as the founding Dean of Van Andel Institute Graduate School and as a VARI Professor. RESEARCH INTERESTS Our research explores the mechanisms that control how genes are expressed inside cells, with a special interest in the processes that activate transcription of genetic information from DNA into RNA. We study those mechanisms in the context of infection by herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), the cause of cold sores. STAFF Glen Alberts, B.S. Susanne Miller-Schachinger, B.B.A. . STUDENT Nikki Thellman, D.V.M. (Ph.D., May 2017) Some of our work looks at early stages of lytic or productive infection by HSV-1, which results in the obvious (and painful) cold-sore symptoms near the mouth. We have explored how a particular viral protein, VP16, activates the first viral genes that are expressed during lytic infection. We are now looking at proteins of the host cell that affect the early stages of infection, some of which control how the virus gets into a cell and some that control how the VP16 protein performs its functions. This approach may yield new ideas for antiviral drugs that can block HSV infections. After the initial infection resolves, HSV-1 finds its way into nerve cells, where the virus can remain in a latent mode for the entire life of the host. Occasionally, some stressful event will cause the latent virus to reactivate, producing new viruses in the nerve cell and sending them back to the skin to cause a recurrence of the cold sore. We are investigating the role that VP16 might play during this reactivation. We are especially interested in the epigenetic regulators that might be involved in unpacking the chromatin that silences the latent viral DNA. Our present hypothesis is that epigenetic coactivators recruited by VP16 are required to open up chromatin as an early step in reactivating the viral genes from latency. We are currently testing this hypothesis in quiescent infections of cultured human nerve cells. 32 | VAN ANDEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE SCIENTIFIC REPORT

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