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2018 Scientific Report

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Center for Neurodegenerative Science RECENT CENTER PUBLICATIONS (cont.) Tyson, Trevor, Megan Senchuk, Jason F. Cooper, Sonia George, Jeremy M. Van Raamsdonk, and Patrik Brundin. 2017. Novel animal model defines genetic contributions for neuron-to-neuron transfer of α-synuclein. Scientific Reports 7: 7506. Ventorp, Filip, Cecillie Bay-Richter, Analise Sauro Nagendra, Shorena Janelidze, Viktor Sjödahl Matsson, Jack Lipton, Ulrika Nordström, Åsa Westrin, Patrik Brundin, and Lena Brundin. 2017. Exendin-4 treatment improves LPS-induced depressive-like behavior without affecting pro-inflammatory cytokines. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease 7(2): 263–273. Wang, Fei, Xinhe Wang, Christina D. Orrú, Bradley R. Groveman, Krystyna Surewicz, Romany Abskharon, Morikazu Imamura, Takashi Yokoyama, Yong-Sun Kim, Kayla J. Vander Stel, Kumar Sinniah, Suzette A. Priola, Witold K. Surewicz, Byron Caughey, and Jiyan Ma. 2017. Self-propagating, protease-resistant, recombinant prion protein conformers with or without in vivo pathogenicity. PLoS Pathogens 13(7): e1006491. Williams, Erin T., Xi Chen, and Darren J. Moore. 2017. VPS35, the retromer complex and Parkinson’s disease. Journal of Parkinson’s Disease 7(2): 219–233. Zamponi, Emiliano, Fiamma Buratti, Gabriel Cataldi, Hector Hugo Caicedo, Yuyu Song, Lisa M. Jungbauer, Mary J. LaDu, Mariano Bisbal, Alfredo Lorenzo, Jiyan Ma, Pablo R. Helguera, Gerardo A. Morfini, Scott T. Brady, and Gustavo F. Pigino. 2017. Prion protein inhibits fast axonal transport through a mechanism involving casein kinase 2. PLoS One 12(12): E0188340. 46 | VAN ANDEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE SCIENTIFIC REPORT

Differentiation of LUHMES cells as a model of human substantia nigra neurons. These human neural precursor cells were immortalized using a Myc oncogene in a Tet-off system; adding tetracycline suppresses the expression of the Myc gene and allows differentiation to occur. Differential interference contrast (DIC) micrographs (100X) of A) undifferentiated LUHMES cells and B) LUHMES cells after 6 days of differentiation. Images by Trevor Tyson of the Coetzee laboratory. VAN ANDEL RESEARCH INSTITUTE SCIENTIFIC REPORT | 47

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