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2020 Annual Report

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This is the 2020 Annual Report for Van Andel Institute.

Consumers Credit Union:

Consumers Credit Union: A community partnership of action and hope The support of dedicated community partners bolsters biomedical research and educational programs at Van Andel Institute year after year. This group of cherished supporters includes Consumers Credit Union, whose collaborative efforts with VAI are co-championed by their chief marketing officer, Lynne Jarman-Johnson. When Lynne joined Consumers a decade ago, the company was hosting a 5K/10K run that became extremely popular and all-consuming. They began looking for a partner with experience in races to help with the expertise of executing a successful, charitable race. “In our search for a community partner with that know-how, we learned about the VAI Purple Community 5K and got in touch about creating a partnership,” said Lynne. “Our 54th Street office manager, Stephanie Stacey, coordinated the partnership. She ensured that we volunteered with our feet on the ground in our communities and was the impetus for our long-term partnership with VAI.” “One of our values as a credit union is to be passionate. Our passion for serving others and bridging gaps in wellness, both financially and through our partnership with Van Andel Institute, is a value we are honored to share.” — Lynne Jarman-Johnson The Consumers Credit Union Purple Community 5K has been going strong for six years. Consumers has continued to grow their support for VAI’s mission through sponsorship of signature special events such as the VAI Golf Outing, Couture for a Cure and the Hope on the Hill Gala. “There are so many ways our organization can be a part of VAI’s mission, even in the midst of such a difficult year,” said Lynne. “Our members are very community oriented, and for us to be able to showcase that 100% of the funds raised through our VAI-focused events go directly to research and education is an extremely powerful statement. When the pandemic hit, we 40 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT 2020

PHILANTHROPY 257 registrations for Consumers Credit Union Virtual Public Lecture knew our partnership was needed more than ever, and while the Purple Community 5K is on hold, our support is not.” Most recently, the credit union collaborated with VAI to host the Consumers Credit Union Virtual Public Lecture: A Focus on Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Lewy Body Dementia as part of the Institute’s Public Lecture Series, held virtually this year. “I think that especially right now, people are craving to learn. This last year has been a time of deep reflection for many people,” said Lynne. “The educational component of being able to listen to and ask questions of scientists is something that nobody expects to be able to do, but that — especially now — has been very calming for many people and many of our members.” 0,847 lifetime total raised by the Purple Community 5K LYNNE JARMAN-JOHNSON AT THE 2019 CONSUMERS CREDIT UNION PURPLE COMMUNITY 5K VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE ANNUAL REPORT 2020 | 41

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