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2021 Spring/Summer Highlights of Hope

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The 2021 Spring/Summer edition of Van Andel Institute's Highlights of Hope donor publication.


PHILANTHROPY Scored Grant Program helps turn inspiration into action A spark of inspiration can strike at any moment. Picture a scientist working hard at the bench, focusing intensely on an exciting new idea. She buckles down to investigate her newfound idea, and the data and evidence accumulate. Ready to take her research to the next level, she applies for a grant, but falls just below the threshold to receive funding. Now what? Grants from federal agencies such as the National Institutes of Health are the main source of funding for scientific research in the U.S. Funding is limited each year, and the process for earning federal grants is highly rigorous and competitive. To earn a federal grant, scientists must show that they have enough data to support the idea they want to investigate. But conducting the research necessary to generate this foundational data can be hampered by a lack of funding — quite a catch-22. That’s where Van Andel Institute’s Scored Grant Award Program comes in. It provides research funding to scientists whose federal grant applications scored very highly but just below the funding threshold. This approach gives scientists with promising projects the extra boost needed to conduct the additional research necessary to put forth a revised, successful application in the next round of grants. Philanthropic support of this program is an important springboard for future research. Projects supported in 2020 by VAI’s Scored Grant Award Program • Dr. Peter Laird: Developing a better cellular clock • Dr. Matt Steensma: Connecting the genetic dots between a rare disease and breast cancer • Dr. Xiaobing Shi: Finding a new target for a tough-to-treat type of lung cancer • Dr. Hong Wen: Developing new treatments for pediatric blood cancer Dr. Laird was awarded a five-year, million award from the National Institute on Aging to support his research — a 30-fold return on investment from the 0,000 that he received from the Scored Grant Award Program. 1 Dr. Wen was awarded a four-year, 8,173 award from the National Cancer Institute to support her research. 2 Drs. Steensma and Shi also are seeking federal funding. 1 This work is supported by Van Andel Institute and the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health under award no. R01AG066764 (Laird). The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the granting organization. 2 This work is supported by Van Andel Institute and the National Cancer Institute of In 2020, West Michigan engineering firm Prein&Newhof marked 50 years in business. To celebrate, and to honor the firm’s co-founder Thomas Newhof, they established the Thomas & Garretta Newhof/Prein&Newhof Research Fund to support VAI’s Scored Grant Award Program. The fund also honors Tom’s wife Garretta for her unwavering commitment to the company’s success. Prein&Newhof also invited 150 employees to support the fund, and Tom and Garretta showed their appreciation with their own generous gift. The combined gifts from Prein&Newhof and matching dollars from VAI funded the Institute’s Scored Grant Award Program in 2020. the National Institutes of Health under award no. R01CA255506 (Wen). The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the granting organization. 28 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE

MEMORIALS We appreciate your trust in us to fight disease in memory or in honor of your family and friend s — with hope for a healthier tomorrow. To make a gift in memory or honor of a loved one, please call 616.234.5552. Allan Arnoys Rob & Dawn Arnoys Jean Atkinson David & Patti Atkinson David Baines Roger & Kelley Stranger James Barcelona Alex Barcelona Donna Bellgardt Steve & Linda Drews Reflection Lake Condo Association Gary Bleyer Marlan & Alida Arnoys James Bouwhuis Steve & Tricia Dickens Robert Bradford Marvin & Ruth Bradford Peter Bylsma Carol Bylsma Daniel Chappell Thomas & Susan Swaney Wyatt Collins James & Janet Collins Wendell Cooper Peter & Ginger Herman Barbara Ditch Apothecary Gift Shop Staff Raymond & Helen DeVries Steven & Rita Falk Wayne & Linda Pynnonen Cindy Thomason Karen Tucker Kathleen Drennan Patrick & Kristine Brady Brock & Katie Plumb Robert DuHadway Bill & Linda Peterson Thomas Dyke Frieda Jaynes Lorrie Jaynes Debbie Jaynes‐Dyke Melissa Eden Keith & Carolyn Murphy Juris Fred Erhards Barbara Erhards Elizabeth Foster Doug & Sue Atkinson Fred Deneke & Jim Eastman Gloria Fauble Ann Heffron Marilyn Hiemstra Brian & Casey Keck Julie Lang Jill McDonough Stanley & Ellen Pasieka Paul & Kathy Riewald Richard Tallin Jayne VerLee George Goudie Paul & Jean Becker Kenneth & Carolyn Bowlin Bruce & Donna Hood H. Allan & Karen Mell Patrick & Christine Nolan Robert & Carolyn Pell Russell & Lori Schuitema Gary & Mary Silvis Barbara Vukits Robert Granstra Carol Bauer Kathleen Grogan Donald Goeckel & Dianne Weidner Timothy Haak Mary Haak Carol Ann Haarman Steve Haarman Heather Iannacone Joseph & Margaret Biersack Robert Jares Joanne Fowler Mike & Lindsey John James & Kimberle Johnson Paula Joyner‐Clinard Marnie Fondren Gisela Kah Win & Kyle Irwin Mark Kastner Arlin & Emma Disselkoen Brenda Kastner Nathanael Kastner Diane Kent Barbara McAnelly Viviane Labrie Walters Jean‐Pierre & Louise Boileau Labrie Bryan Las & Kyla Redden Noelle Voluntad Nelson McBride Mary McBride Thomas New Lawrence Waite & Lucy Hough‐Waite Jane Nichols Jack Nichols Denise Picardat Brian Picardat Richard Pullen Ruth Kemp Marjorie Raab Gene Raab Neda Raterink Gary Raterink Harvey Ringerwole Robert & Margaret Andrews Jerry & Karen Dejonge Audrey Kortman Lou Rena Reese Joyce Ringerwole Roger & Marilyn Van Til Peter & Judy VanderArk Kel & Pat Vanderkolk David L. Rossi Anne Rossi James Schmalz Leslie Schmalz Peter Secchia David & Carol Van Andel Family Foundation John Shiffer John Vaughan Keith Smith Carol Smith Charles Stehouwer Marianne Stehouwer Billy Swaney Thomas & Susan Swaney Luis Tomatis David & Carol Van Andel Family Foundation Gordon Van Wylen David & Carol Van Andel Family Foundation Robert VanDeKerkhove Clifford & Mary Jo Tholen Bill VanRegenmorter Bill & Rosemary Stevenson Daryl Vetter Alvin & Barbara Masselink Katherine Visota Leo & Helen Boruta Joe & Chris Czarnopys Joseph & Amy Sevic Craig & Kathy Stone Barbara Visota Eric Westra Hilary Hoekwater Rodney & Carla Muller Raymond Winkel Benjamin & Rachel Gurk Carol Winton Michael & Joni Corbett Walt & Margaret Kauppila Raymond & Barbara Nelson Gene Yost Carole Yost VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE | 29

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