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20th Anniversary Highlights of Hope

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INSTITUTE TRUSTEES Van Andel Institute Board of Trustees David Van Andel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute John Kennedy, President and Chief Executive Officer, Autocam Medical Mark Meijer, President, Life E.M.S. Ambulance Van Andel Research Institute Board of Trustees David Van Andel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute Tom R. DeMeester, M.D., Professor and Chairman Emeritus, Department of Surgery, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California James B. Fahner, M.D., Chief of Hematology and Oncology, Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Michelle Le Beau, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine, Section of Hematology/Oncology; Director, University of Chicago Comprehensive Cancer Center; Director, Cancer Cytogenetics Laboratory, University of Chicago George Vande Woude, Ph.D., Distinguished Scientific Fellow, Founding Research Director, Van Andel Research Institute Ralph Weichselbaum, M.D., Chairman, Department of Radiation; Head, Ludwig Center for Metastasis Research, University of Chicago Max Wicha, M.D., Distinguished Professor of Oncology, Department of Internal Medicine; Founding Director, University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center Van Andel Education Institute Board of Trustees David Van Andel, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Van Andel Institute James E. Bultman, Ed.D., Former President, Hope College Donald W. Maine, Former President, Davenport University Juan R. Olivarez, Ph.D., President, Aquinas College Gordon L. Van Harn, Ph.D., Emeritus Provost and Professor of Biology, Calvin College 2 | VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE

LETTER FROM DAVID VAN ANDEL Dear Friends, Twenty years have passed since Van Andel Institute was founded for the betterment of mankind and the improvement of the human condition through biomedical research and science education. In the ensuing two decades, we have accomplished much, perhaps more than we even dared to dream at the beginning. This 20 th anniversary issue of Highlights of Hope provides a small snapshot of the Institute’s history and accomplishments. Much of the support that has allowed us to carry out this vital work comes from you, and for this we owe you profound gratitude. Your generosity has enabled us to recruit giants in the world of biomedical research, like Dr. George Vande Woude and Dr. Peter Jones, to come to Grand Rapids and make this city their home. It has been my privilege to work with an incredible group of people who have provided direction for the research taking place in the Institute’s labs and in collaborative projects in laboratories and clinical sites throughout the world. These talented individuals have created a critical mass of biomedical research in the areas of cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and most recently, in the growing field of epigenetics. In addition to our work in biomedical research, we remain committed to science education that leverages vibrant new technologies and uses these tools in the service of knowledge, mentorship and discovery. Our devotion and passion for science education comes from an understanding that the many discoveries of the future will be uncovered by the students of today. As I look back, I am gratified by how far we’ve come in these two decades, and I am even more excited by the future and the impact we can have 20 years from now when we celebrate Van Andel Institute’s 40 th anniversary. I recall my father saying early on that to become a world-class research institute would require building the dream a step at a time—meticulously putting one stone upon another. I have no doubt that he would be proud of the many stones we have placed on the foundation of his dream. Working together, one step at a time, we will continue to build an Institute that serves humanity and makes powerful, lasting contributions to human health. Warmly, DAVID VAN ANDEL David Van Andel Chairman and CEO VAN ANDEL INSTITUTE HIGHLIGHTS OF HOPE | 3

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