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20th Anniversary Highlights of Hope

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LEAVING A LEGACY Including Van Andel Institute (VAI) in your estate plans is a great way to make a lasting impact on biomedical research and science education that will benefit generations to come. Donors who include VAI in their estate plans are invited to join the Society of Hope and receive recognition in our annual report. Here are a few planning strategies that can help you provide for your heirs and leave your legacy: BEQUESTS A bequest made through your will or trust is one of the most common ways to provide from your estate for heirs and favorite charities. You can make a bequest of a dollar amount, specific asset or percentage of your estate. “Van Andel Institute has some of the sharpest biomedical research minds in the country, and they can’t do their work unless we help them acquire the tools to perform this groundbreaking research.” – Steve Grill, planned giving donor BENEFICIARY DESIGNATIONS By completing a simple form, you can designate heirs and charities as the beneficiary of retirement plans, financial accounts and life insurance policies. GIVE IT TWICE TRUST You can set up a special charitable remainder trust that will pay income to your heirs and then leave the remaining principle to a charity. 333 BOSTWICK AVE NE GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49503 WWW.VAI.ORG For more information about gift planning, please contact Patrick Placzkowski at 616.234.5030 or Teresa Reid at 616.234.5040.

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